Comprehensive Eye Exam

At Visionary Eye Care, Dr. Gates and Dr. Metzger offer a comprehensive eye examination to fully evaluate the health and prescription needs of your eyes. Both optometrists have extensive experience working with people of all ages, from infants to the young at heart. Every eye exam is tailored to the specific needs of each individual using Visionary Eye Care’s up-to-date equipment. In addition to providing a thorough and accurate exam, the atmosphere at Visionary Eye Care is unique and fun! We enjoy our profession so much that we like to share our enthusiasm with everyone we work with.

Reichert VRx Phoroptor

The Visionary Eye Care Comprehensive Eye Exam includes:

  • Individual eye and health history
  • Automated pre-testing with the newest technology
    No ‘air puff’ or eye drops for glaucoma testing with the iCare tonometer
  • Accurate auto-refraction with automatic transfer of information to exam
  • Accurate corneal measurements with up-to-date corneal topographer
  • Experience a new type of refraction with the Reichert VRx Phoroptor.
    More accurate than the standard manual refraction and more fun too!
  • A detailed evaluation of the front of your eyes with a microscope called a slit lamp. This allows the optometrists to evaluate for cataracts, dry eye, infection, iris melanoma, and much more!
  • Retinal imaging with OPTOS allows Dr. Gates and Dr. Metzger to evaluate the retina, the back of your eye, without instilling dilating eye drops. In some cases, eye dilation will still be recommended depending on a person’s individual health history. We recommend OPTOS imaging on all comprehensive eye exams.

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Visionary Eye Care opened on 2/20/2020 and we are honored to serve as eye care providers to the surrounding community. Due to the impact of COVID-19, we are following the Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines, which dictate that routine eye exams be rescheduled into April 2020. We will continue to provide emergency, urgent, and essential eye care by appointment. Our office will continue to provide contact lens orders via phone or through our website (link coming soon). Dr. Gates or Dr. Metzger will be in the office Monday-Friday from 10am-3pm, however, appointments can be scheduled earlier, later, and on weekends as needed. We are available at all hours via phone, text, email, and website link.

Stay Well and we look forward to seeing you soon!